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Gamestop is a Business

First off, Foamy is pretty funny, but logically, maybe he's the greedy one. (weird that I'm saying that about a fictional character, but I digress)

As a Gamestop employee, I can tell you how the system actually works.

Point A, the employees don't actually set the price for any of the games, so don't take your aggression out on the people who are working there to support themselves. I would LOVE to see the prices on used games go down. Prices are set depending on area demand. We also don't set the prices on how much we pay you for your used games either, but all I can say is that the newer the used game, the more money you'll get back.

About trading your games in: If you try to trade in games that are scratched to shit and expect us to give you a good deal, don't. We actually have to send those shitty discs off to get resurfaced, then they have to send them back, and this costs us money, and you a small fee for trying to give us your shitty disc. This is to make sure that we don't sell that POS to any of our other customers. Don't you get pissed if you happen to buy a used game that has the tiniest of scratches on it? This is our way of making sure that doesn't happen.

Also, we keep the games behind the counter because if we didn't , yes, all those 'grubby handed little kids and over enthusiastic adults' would most likely steal them, like they steal the accessories out on the floor. This is merchandise protection so that we can actually have the shit that you want. (Don't forget, sports games are worthless after the game developers make a new one after a year.)

Besides, the more stuff that's stolen, the more we have to jack up the prices of used games to make up for inventory loss.

Point B: The virgin sister comment would make sense, if we took the discs and rented them out to people, only to sell them to you at the full, new price. I agree, and I think I will probably bring that up at the next hearing, that we should give a 10% display discount if you have to get the last new disc. But really, the discs are just taken out of the case and put in a drawer, never to be played until you take it home. (And if you REALLY want to make sure that you have that unopened, new game, we give you the opportunity to reserve it exclusively FOR YOU, at no extra cost)

And a friendly reminder! when you buy used, you have a full week to return it. That's the beauty of buying used. What other company offers that kind of satisfaction?

So sure, maybe Gamestop isn't perfect, but most people who go into Gamestop want to talk to employees who actually play and have a good knowledge of games, and not to ,say, Wal-Mart, whos employees are just there to ring you up and send you on your way.

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Inner Inner

Rated 5 / 5 stars


wacky and inventive, i feel lost in it!

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Amber's Freestyle Amber's Freestyle

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Wow Amber! Love that!

Motha Fucka, park down the street >.<

You get it girl, lol. love the games being tied into it too.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Amber says thanks.

[jr] - Eurotrance1 [jr] - Eurotrance1

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Wanna Dance

Its so catchy! It would be great to build on , even if its just looping. I feel like I can hear this at any trance hall early in the afternoon! Great work :)